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One of the factors limiting the reach of the ANZ serious games industry was a lack of existing serious games case studies and established serious games develoeprs. SGANZ is currently compiling such a catalogue below.

We hope this resource can help you to find peers as well as good serious game examples to show to potential clients, demonstrating the impact of the ANZ serious games industry had already achieved.

All information are compiled from publically available sources, such as company websites.

This page is updated frequently.


ANZ Serious Games State-of-the-Industry Survey

Do you work on developing serious games? Involved as a client commissioning serious games? A researcher on the impact of games beyond entertainment? An educator using serious games in the classroom? 

No matter where in the serious games industry you are working in, we would like to hear from you! 

Please answer our ANZ Serious Games State-of-the-Industry Survey and let us know of your experiences in the serious games industry!


An educational game company, 2and2 is the developer of Cogniss, a digital platform that allows the public to build learning and behaviour change games and mobile apps. It uses a drag-and-drop interface that allows those without coding knowledge to develop educational apps, combing a variety of features that allow for educators and researchers to assess and monitor participant progress. It also support AR and VR and web deployment.

Location: Melbourne

3P Learning

Owning a suite of learning resources, 3P learning has created lessons for schools and families, teaching mathematics, spelling, and literacy. Each resources pack have separate sections for primary school children, secondary school students, and for teachers.  The softwares are made aligned to the Australian curriculum, plus state-based and textbook-aligned content for specific needs. The company has also worked with Unicef to fund targeted projects that improve the living conditions in developing countries.

Location: Sydney


Ai3D specialises in creating pre-rendered, immersive, and interactive visualisations for the infrastructure and for the purposes of public exhibition. The company uses photoreal content to create immersive 3D stereoscopic virtual worlds for fully immersive VR, with a capacity to produce large and high-definition 3D models.

Location: Brisbane

Aurora Reality

A small studio in size, Aurora Reality specialises in educational apps. The company has made the free app, Foundational Level Maths, using augmented reality to conceptualise mathematical exercises and concepts for young students. An exercise book is partnered with the app to further improve the student’s skills.

Location: Sydney

Bilbie Virtual Labs

Developer of a program called Virtual Songlines, which enables the creation of authentic and historically accurate survival games by and about First Nations people across Australia and the world. Bilbie Virtual Labs aims to develop interactive and multi-user virtual heritage experiences to preserve and promote the culture of the Australian Aboriginal people.

Location: Brisbane

Bohemia Interactive Simulations

Bohemia Interactive Simulations is a global software company at the forefront of simulation training solutions for military and civilian organisations. It was founded in 2001 in Australia and now have more than 250 employees across multiple countries, and specialises as a world leader in simulations for the defence industry. 

Location: Port Stephens, NSW

Bondi Labs

Bondi Labs is dedicated to enhancing human decision-making by developing intelligent visual technologies, creating engaging and effective 3D simulation training and assessments that enhance skills while improving business outcomes. The company also supports real-time data capture and analytics of user performance to assess for behaviour changes and risks.

Location: Melbourne/Brisbane

Carl Turner Design

Personal website of Carl Turner, interactive artist and game designer with a profile that focuses on large-scale, public game installations, as well as physical co-operative games built with unique hardware.

Location: Cairns

cmee4 Productions

cmee4 Productions debuted with award-winning Sound Scouts app, a clinically proven software that can be used to check children’s hearing before they start school. The app received a $1.1 million NSW Medical Devices Fund Grant in 2015, and is free for all Australian schoolchildren due to continued government support. The studio develops games and applications focused on resolving global health issues. More recently, it also developed the SimuSurg app in collaboration with the Royal Australian College of Surgeons to teach and perform surgical skills in a gaming environment.

Location: Sydney

DragonBear Studios

An up-and-coming young studio, DragonBear Studios is currently developing its inn management game, Chaos Tavern, which aims to address the scarcely-visited topic of Aborigine land rights and land loss. The game is being developed in consultation with local Elders, and is a fun and tasteful blend of high fantasy and Australian-inspired myths.

Location: Melbourne

Chaos Theory Games

A studio that has expertise in a range of different applications and engines, including traditional gaming, AR, VR, Unity, Unreal, Vive, and Oculus, Chaos Theory Games has a large resume with a long list of clients. The company had produced games that assisted with marketing campaigns, traditional entertainment games, as well as serious games in collaboration with university researchers and educators.

Location: Sydney

Code Capers

Personal website of Ashley Davis, one of the original founders of Real Serious Games. Ashley has had a long history of working in serious games and simulations, and have build customised and bespoke software solutions for multiple businesses and on multiple platforms.

Location: Brisbane

Deloitte Digital

Deloitte Digital, incorporating the serious games developer team formerly known as Well Placed Cactus, is a digital creative consultancy under the Deloitte Australia umbrella. It is a multi-disciplinary corporation that deals with interactive digital experiences for purposes such as PR, brand promotion, education, training, or marketing.

Location: Brisbane


Ecoludology is the one-man studio operated by Ben Rolfe, who specialises in designing and developing serious games. His profile includes projects that dealt with the environment, sustainability, healthcare, and child safety, to name a few. Ben also works on creating simulations, interactive training, and immersive experiences.

Location: Sunshine Coast, QLD

Equal Reality

Equal Reality is a Virtual Reality training tool, allowing the user to experience what it feels like to be a minority in the workplace. The company develops training to improve diversity and inclusion awareness at the workplace, using VR to let participants experience the lives of people of different genders, races, or levels of ability.

Location: Sydney

Espresso Communications

A communications and PR specialist, Espresso Communications has forged strong media relationships for their clients, being an expert in the ANZ media industry.

Location: Sydney

Etrain Interactive

ETRAIN Interactive partners with some of Australia’s most respected universities, TAFEs and Registered Training Organisations to deliver engaging and effective trades and technical training online. The company developed a range of 3D simulation-based training programs that can be delivered online, allowing progress to be tracked online and participants can log in using multiple devices.

Location: Adelaide


GAMAKi is the company behind All Yetis are Sexy, a sexual health serious games for teenagers between the ages of 11 to 19, in collaboration with the Auckland University of Technology. It is being developed as a PC game with an entertainment as well as a commercial side to the software.

Location: Auckland

Gamification Geek

Personal website of Zac Fitz-Walter, PhD in gamification design and education. Zac works as a keynote speaker to talk about topics such as design and engagement, facilitates gamification design workshops, review design documents, and offers bespoke gamification design for clients.

Location: Brisbane

The Garage

A collaborative workspace for the growth of new talent and innovation, The Garage in Auckland tries to nurture newcomers in the creative tech sector and connect people internationally. Companies within the working space include gaming devs, AR and VR developers, film makers, and more in the creative tech area.

Location: Auckland

Harmonious Games

Harmonious Games is a young studio dedicated to creating non-violent games. The studio debuted with Putty Pals, a cooperative two-player experience where the two players need to communicate with each other to progress through the levels. The game has been used successfully in prisoners to promote and improve empathy with shown efficacy. The studio is now working on other projects in collaboration with other clients in the field.

Location: Melbourne

How Game Are You?

How Game Are You? develops a suite of card games targeting ‘Real Life Conversations’ around serious topics such as money, parenting, being teenagers, and intimacy. The games aim to educate players with the relevant terminology, understand the other player’s behavioural patterns or biases, and open up ways for meaningful real-life communications between players.

Location: Sydney

Imitated Environments

Imitated Environments was founded by Dr Ivan Bindoff and is the commercialisation of the Pharmacy Simulator, developed by Ivan’s team at the University of Tasmania. The Pharmacy Simulator is a fully 3D Unity learning environment made specifically for pharmacy students and professionals, allowing the user to edit, update, or create scenarios.

Location: Hobart


Arguably New Zealand’s most experienced gamification company, InGame had worked with dozens of not-for-profits, organisations, and government agencies to deliver serious games and simulation projects throughout New Zealand. It had produced serious games in the field of professional training, education for children, health, interactive demonstrations, and academic research.

Location: Auckland


The company specialises in e-learning, developing online educational contents, instructional design, graphic design, and making sure the online content meets requirements. Kelvar also assist with research on best practices, give recommendations on analysis, planning, and strategy.

Location: Adelaide

Joko’s World

Joko’s World is a suite of educational games funded and produced by Cultural Infusion, an organisation dedicated to facilitating cultural harmony through education and multi-cultural programs. As a phone application, Joko’s World is a suite combining interactive stories, educational games, and lesson plans for teachers to use for cultural education.

Location: Melbourne

The Lab

Not-for-profit organisation that supporting the establishment of local ‘labs’, weekly workshops that brings supporters and children with high functioning autism or Asperger’s Syndrome together to play games, code, and have social interactions. The Lab supports young people aged 10 to 16 diagnosed with high functioning autism, and supervisors are asked to be those with technical expertise that have mutual interests with the young people they are looking to support.

Location: Australia nation-wide

LionsHeart Studios

A specialist in the development of interactive educational softwares, LionsHeart Studios uses gameplay and game design theories to improve student engagement and academic performance. The studio’s main goal is to create online courses that encourages independence in learning, incorporates the training of soft skills and measurable learning outcomes, as well as integrating assessment into the game software.

Location: Sydney

Lusio Rehab

The flagship product of the company, LusioMATE (Motivating Activity Therapy Entertainment), is a Unity3D plugin that links with a motion sensor, allowing children with cerebral palsy to conduct exercise as an alternative to traditional physiotherapy. LusioMate is both a gaming platform and wearable controller, and is a Prescription Gaming platform that could be prescribed by clinicians, physiotherapists, or occupational therapists. The software can also be used for patients who are undergoing physical rehabilitation following injury or stroke.

Location: Sydney

Mighty Serious

Mighty Games, the making of Disney Crossy Road, has a serious games branch where the company is looking to use their extensive experience in mobile game design to create interactive, meaningful, serious ventures. The company seeks to utilise player engagement psychology to deliver enterprise serious games with educational, training, simulation or social change outcomes.

Location: Melbourne


A studio dedicated to digital game-based learning, MindGameMedia have developed simulations that train workers in high-risk industries about health and safety, as well as serious games targeted at younger audiences that train children about personal financial literacy, New Zealand towns, the ocean, and space.

Location: Auckland


Monkeystack has a varied working history that spans from gamifying theme parks, apps and games for mobile / tablet / PC / console, representing places in VR / AR / other interactive media, and have developed animated and interactive platforms on a myriad of platforms. The company offers services in visualisation, 3D modelling, animation and visual effects, simulations and serious games, UX design, e-learning, scripting and copywriting, and developing mobile and desktop apps.

Location: Adelaide

Opaque Media Group

Comprised of Opaque Health, Opaque Studios, Opaque Space, and Opaque R&D, Opaque Media Group is an experienced serious games and simulation developer with a particular interest in VR, AR, and 3D design. The Group’s most notable product is Earthlight, a narrative-driven VR experience that accurately portrays the experience of an astronaut on the International Space Station, and the winner of the Australasian Serious Games Showcase & Challenge (Industry section) in 2018. Since 2014, Opaque had also been involved in health-related simulations, research contract work, and defence and training contracts.

Location: Melbourne


An award-winning digital media agency, Oztron is a veteran in the Australian serious games scene. The company creates exceptional e-learning tools, and is focused on using digital technology to empower content experts when it comes to serious games and simulation. The company produces a wide range of contents including serious games, simulation, interactive and traditional videos, virtual worlds, as well as VR/AR products. The company specialises in working for organisations that do not have in-house capability to design or deploy serious games / simulations on their own, and has established a systematic approach in serious games research, design, deployment, and continued product support.

Location: Melbourne 

Philip Minchin

Personal website of Philip Minchin, a veteran in publishing, arts production, and library IT. He presents and consults to libraries and game companies on the relationship between libraries, communities, games, interactivities, and IT design.

Location: Melbourne

The Project Factory

The digital arm of the international communication form, Way to Blue, The Project Factory specialises in producing engaging apps and games in health as well as entertainment. Some of the previous works involve apps and games designed for TV stations, quit smoking applications for the Australian Department of Health, and other health consumer apps for the health insurance company HCF.

Location: Sydney


A multi-national company, Prosper specialises in English language teaching with their flagship product named RoyalABC and targeted at pre-school children who do not have English as their first language. The software can be used in the classroom, as well as continued to be taught at home via a gamified app on smartphone and tablets. The app contains songs, storybooks, games, and interactive activities. 

Location: Sydney

Pub Games

A commercial game studio that is also involved in the making of serious games, Pub Games is an expert in utilising the Unreal 4 engine for a variety of different projects. The company also actively develops plugins for Unreal 4.

Location: Melbourne

Ready Consulting

Specialising in eLearning and designing serious games for curriculum, Ready Consulting designs discipline content for all Learning Management systems, enhancing student engagement and improving retention through the application of rich, interactive media. The company also develop and evaluate curriculum to create lively content and more effective assessments.

Location: Melbourne

Real Response

Real Response is a leading first aid training organisation that provides employee training for enterprises. The company had developed a range of Unity VR solutions for first aid training purposes, able to be deployed on HTC Vive, Daydream, and Gear VR. Current projects include first responders to incidents that caused casualties, triage after a major car accident, and road load restraint for vehicles.

Location: Melbourne/Sydney

Real Serious Games

An established Brisbane serious games studio, Real Serious Games had produced games that involved AR, VR, XR, visualisation, 4D planning and simulations, as well as educational and forensic animations. The studios is also recognised as one of the innovative business leaders in Brisbane in recent years for its involvement in the local community and contribution towards women in technology

Location: Brisbane


One of the biggest companies in the world specialising in psychometric assessments for recruitment, Revelian had developed a series of game-based behavioural assessment tools to deliver HR insights for clients looking to hire new employees. One of its flagship products is Cognify, designed to identify different skills and abilities in its players to assist with hiring decisions and was the winner of the Australasian Serious Games Showcase & Challenge (Industry section) in 2016. The company had been established since 1999 and is currently designing games that test participant’s EQ as well as IQ and other cognitive skills.

Location: Brisbane


An expert and specialist in building simulations for the mining industry, Sentient creates powerful and immersive 3D visualisations, automation solutions, and process control. They offer training and simulation software for mining and resource management, provide animations and flythroughs to show details regarding sites, visualise operations and hardware assets, and can presents live data and analysis regarding the operations of a plant or site.

Location: Perth

Siege Sloth Games

Siege Sloth Games was the winner of the Serious Games Australasia Showcase & Challenge through their natural health game Evergreen, where the player guides the growth of a mythical tree throughout the natural history of Earth. The story mode allows the players to experience significant events throughout natural history, while a sandbox mode allows players to fully customise the tree and the world around them.

Location: Canberra

Staples VR

A combination of several enterprises, Staples VR specialises in using emerging technologies for information capture, game development, and create innovative solutions. The group of companies support the development of 360 video production, VR, AR, aerial drone production, post production polishing, scanning, and research and development.

Location: Melbourne/Sydney

Steam Galaxy

Personal website of Ariel Marcy, PhD student in evolutionary biology, science teacher, and serious game designer and Stanford graduant. Her work includes Go Extinct!, an educational card game that teaches the player about evolutionary traits and similarities, and Cancer Avenger, a phone app that educates cancer cell signalling pathways.

Location: Brisbane

Stirfire Studios

Stirfire Studios is a commercial company that was initially envisioned as a hub for Western Australia game developers and a mini-publisher. Nowadays, the company operates with commercial IPs as well as gamification, AR / VR app development, and the creation of virtual 3D environments and interactive installations.

Location: Perth


Specialising in developing the Swibo Tilt, Swibo focuses on physical rehabilitation games that turn everyday balance training activities into fun and engaging sessions. With the specialised Swibo Tilt, a custom-built balance board that detects physical balance and connects with an app and computer software, the ensemble offers an unique way for patients who have suffered from an injury to regain physical capacity and track their progress through the rehabilitation process.

Location: Wellington


The product developed by the company, Tali Train, is a set of fun, engaging, and evidence-based programs that strengthen and improve attention skills in young children, designed for those aged 3-8 years with attention difficulties such as ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, or Down Syndrome.

Location: Melbourne

Team Fractal Alligator

Team Fractal Alligator is the developer of the commercial success Hacknet, a game that seeks to teach the player the basic principles of computer code as well as having an immersive narrative. Hacknet was the winner of the Australasian Serious Games Showcase & Challenge (Indie section) in 2015, and an educational, non-commercial version is also available for educators looking to use the game to teach coding for children and IT beginners.

Location: Adelaide

TMN Simulation

TMN Simulation specialises in 3D Virtual-Reality modelling and analysis, particularly simulation models regarding business operations, business scenarios, and resource  planning. The company is the only ANZ distributor of FlexSim 3D Simulation Software, a 3D simulation software that supports VR and also have a specialised Healthcare version.

Location: Melbourne

Two Bulls

Two Bulls have a profile that involves work for enterprise, startup work, developing phone AR apps, and creating interactive software for public use. Some of its previous work include The Wiggles app, which uses interactive AR to create family-friendly content that is engaging for young children, as well as  the Verizon citizen engagement kiosk, an interactive modern street-side bulletin board that runs a custom-built android suite to provide a wide range of services such as free Wi-Fi, emergency services calls, device charging, and dynamic advertising.

Location: Melbourne


Urban Circus

Urban Circus specialises in delivering intelligent, creative planning and infrastructure for city planning. Projects are delivered through 3D modelling, visualisation, and facilitation service. The company has assisted councils and public organisations to model and design solutions that benefit civil structure and buildings, influencing cities and their citizens.

Location: Brisbane


Developed by an Australian doctor, Vaxcards is a collectable card battle game that seeks to encapsulate the traits of diseases that are commonly vaccinated against, as well as educating the player about the effectiveness of vaccination on these diseases. The company also aims to distribute the game with reputable partners to increase uptake of vaccination and educate health consumers about diseases they are getting vaccinated against.

Location: Melbourne


VISITOR is a new studio that invites the audience to explore offerings in virtual art, storytelling and experience. The studio specialises in combining hand-drawn traditional images with VR for immersive and emotional experiences that tell a compelling story.

Location: Brisbane

V2i Group

A veteran in the field of project visioning, planning, and urban design, V2i Group has 30 years of experience in using computer graphics for design and 15 years in visualisation and using 3D environments for storytelling. The company operates 3Dme, a creative studio software that stores a wealth of 3D visual assets regarding the human body, including visual assets, short clips, animations, stock images, and more.

Location: Brisbane

Preview Labs

Specialising in rapid game prototyping for clients, Preview Labs works with commercial, industrial, and educational organisations to generate fast and efficient serious game softwares that could be developed further. Operating in the USA as well as in Europe, the studio works with across PC games, VR, simulation, prototype servers, and mobile technologies to deliver quick proof-of-concepts.

Location: USA / Belgium


Studio Cypher

Studio Cypher works with various clients to create custom work for different situations and demands, as well as having a set of pre-made solutions that can easily be implemented. The studio is open a variety of possibilities for serious games projects, including the good old pen, paper, and cardboard, for more physical and down-to-earth projects.

Location: USA

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