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Entry is open for Serious Games to showcase their best for 2018

Entry is open for Serious Games to showcase their best for 2018

  • The Serious Games Showcase and Challenge Australasia (SGSCA) is now open for Australian and New Zealand Serious Games to enter for 2018.
  • SGSCA is partnering with SimGHOSTS 2018 Australia, to be held at the USC campus on the Sunshine Coast in June, to hosts the finalists.
  • Entries close 27th April with finalist announced May to be showcased on Jun 27-29 2018.
  • Winners will represent our region at the 2018 International SGS&C in Orlando Florida USA as part of I/ITSEC in December

Melbourne, Australia: The stage is set for the 2018 Serious Games Showcase and Challenge Australasia (SGSCA), and we are now open for any games with more than just entertainment at its heart to be submitted for the 2018 competition. The SGSCA looks for games that showcase the best of what the field has to offer from both Australia and New Zealand.  

The Serious Games Showcase & Challenge (Australasia) is traditionally presented at the Australasian Simulation Congress.  In 2018 the Congress will take a break (to return in 2019), so the 7th annual SGSCA will be presented at SimGHOSTS 2018 to be held June 27th-29th 2018 at University of the Sunshine Coast. SimGHOSTS is one of the premiere medical simulation conferences within Australia.

Serious Games, Serious Competition.

The competition is open to all Australian and New Zealand residents making a game on their shores. For the purpose of the SGSCA, entries will be considered a serious game if they utilise gaming attributes to overcome a designated problem or inform about a particular topic or deficiency. It would be ideal if the game was built through collaboration with an expert agency from any field where a problem or deficiency has been identified and needs to be addressed.

The finalists will be selected by a panel of leaders in the gaming, simulation and academic fields relevant to your game’s focus. Finalists will be announced in May 2018, and invited to showcase their games at the SimGHOSTS 2018 Australia, with exposure on the exhibition floor alongside national and international simulation companies. Finalists will also be invited to present their games at a panel during the conference, showcasing the work and thoughts behind their game.

All entries will be judged and rated according to the following fields:

  • Innovation
  • Interaction and Feedback to the Player
  • Solution to a Stated Problem
  • Technical Quality
  • Gameplay

To enter into the 2018 SGSCA and view all Terms and Conditions, please visit


There are two categories to enter:

  1. Student / Indie entrant fee – $50 (representing a company earning under $100,000, or a student with a valid ID as at 30th June 2018)
  2. Government / Industry entrant fee – $250 (representing a company earning over $100,000)

“The Serious Games Showcase & Challenge allows us to see the diversity of the region’s games and simulation community, working together to solve real life problems in an entertaining, innovative and informative way. I cannot wait to experience the variety of games that have been created, the topics and challenge they tackle and the local talent on display”  Adrian Webb, Manager of Virtual Worlds, Australian Defence Simulation and Training Centre (ADSTC).

Most successful regional entries

In 2017, we had 2 finalists represent our region at the international SGC&C, as part of I/ITSEC, one of the largest Simulation conferences in the World in Orlando Florida. Our Industry representative was Opaque Space with Earthlight and our Indie/Student representative was Boxhead Productions with Minda with Feelings.

Earthlight places the players into the role of an astronaut on board the International Space Station, giving them the chance to not only experience human spaceflight but also contribute to the journey in meaningful ways. Minda Fun With Feelings consists of three ‘mini games’ created from a review of current literature and market research regarding mental health and wellbeing and adults with an intellectual disability. An understanding of our own emotions (education) and coping strategies (regulation) are important aspects of looking after our mental health.

For 2017, Opaque Space and Earthlight came away with a gong, winning the prestigious People’s Choice award for 2018. The conference has a large mix of Military, Industry and Academic attendance from all over the world, so this was no small feat.

“The SGSCA for Opaque Space was a pivotally important opportunity that really empowered our organization to showcase Australian Serious Games abilities to the world. Through the SGSCA and the support we were provided by the Australasian Simulation Congress, we were able to win the People’s Choice Award in the US and highlight the growing potential, and innovation, of our sector. It is incredibly important for any Simulation, Serious Games or Training professional engaged in interactive learning to aim to participate in the SGSCA. We could not endorse the program and the events around it strongly enough.”  Emre Deniz, CEO/Director Opaque Space



Dale Linegar – Serious Games Convener 2018  

dale@oztron.com – 0415 049 668

Further Information:

About the SGSCA and SGS&C

The Serious Games Showcase & Challenge Australasia (SGSCA) gives developers and students in our region a chance to promote their talent on a national and international stage while being at the forefront of a growing market. Serious games have one key aspect which drives their success – to impart knowledge while engaging the participant. Serious games can highlight issues, improve education or explain/solve complex problems. These games communicate often difficult subjects through a unique medium in a way that is compelling, while creating awareness.

The Australasian round of the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge was launched in 2012 to highlight the talent from our region. It was the first time that the competition was run outside of the United States, as a regional qualifier for the annual I/ITSEC International Serious Games Showcase & Challenge event in Orlando, Florida. Today, it continues to introduce Australasian talent to the world stage.

The Serious Games Showcase & Challenge (SGS&C) was born in 2005 when Team Orlando leaders felt a strong need to stimulate industry creativity and generate institutional interest toward the use of digital game technology and approaches for training and education. They formed a partnership with the National Training Simulation and Association (NTSA), the organizers of Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC), and the first SGS&C was born at I/ITSEC 2006. From there, the SGS&C team grew into a volunteer-driven group, led each year by both an industry and government representative, and actively supported by Team Orlando. SGS&C has been a growing staple of I/ITSEC event ever since.

About SimGHOSTS 2018.

SimGHOSTS returns to Australia in 2018 on the Sunshine Coast, June 27-29 at University of Sunshine Coast.

SimGHOSTS events provide a meeting place to exchange ideas and network with technical peers as well as receive specialised training in healthcare simulation.  It is a place to engage with simulation based vendors to learn about the latest in healthcare education technology. SimGHOSTS is ideal for anybody involved in the technical operation of a clinical simulation lab, clinical educators tasked with operation of simulation spaces, or those evaluating medical simulation based technologies.

International SimGHOSTS, aka The Gathering Of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists, is a US-based non-profit organization dedicated to supporting individuals and institutions operating medical simulation technology and spaces through: hands-on training events, online resources, and professional development.

Vision Statement: “SimGHOSTS envisions a healthcare education culture where people are empowered to use simulation technology to improve learning and patient care outcomes.”

Core Values: 

  1. Innovate the world of healthcare simulation and patient safety.
  2. Advocate for those operating healthcare simulation technology spaces.
  3. Educate our professional community to improve outcomes.
  4. Network with our global community at regional events and online hubs.
  5. Engage champions, institutions, and organizations.
  6. Zeal for our craft, community, and profession!

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